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Best MULYANKAN Consultants Ltd. (BMCL)
is widely recognized as one of the Premier Valuation Consulting, Real Estate Advisory and Chartered Engineering Certification Company in India. We are head quartered in Mumbai and with representative offices in all major metro cities of India we provide our clients with the highest level of service on a nationwide basis.
  Valuation of Plant and Machinery

In addition to Real Estate, Machines and Equipments (M&E) also comprise a major portion of the Tangible Assets of any Manufacturing Company. But unlike Real Properties M&E Assets are moveable assets and hence it is always necessary to under stand the premises of value, which are broadly classified into three categories viz;

  • Sale for Removal for similar or alternate use
  • Continues OR installed use of the asset for the purpose for which it was designed and acquired
  • Liquidation

The understanding of these different premises considerably impacts the valuation of M&E Assets as the Fair Market Value of an M&E Asset for Removal will be different than its FMV in Continued use (As Installed) OR in Liquidation.

BMCL has undertaken a large number of valuation assignments to estimate the market value of fixed assets of various private and public sector companies for different purposes by adopting suitable valuation approach and techniques. A sample of few of the varied industries BMCL has experience in valuation are as under;

1. Textile Mills

2. Automobile Industry

3. Refineries

4. Cement Plant

5. Edible Oil Plants

6. Chemical Plants

7. Pharmaceutical Plants

8. Detergent Manufacturing Plant

9. Breweries

10. Packing Units

11. Steel Rolling Mills

12. Plastic moulding plants

13. Capital Goods Equipment manufacturers like boilers, transformers, compressors

14. Consumer durable goods manufacturers like typing, fax machines etc.

15. Garments manufacturer

16. Woollen fabric manufacturing plants

17. Food products manufacturers dry and wet


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